Free Online File Conversion

Have you ever wanted to convert files without the need to download software?  Now, you can with an online company called Zamzar!  They offer free online fie conversion in several formats and they add more formats as often as they can.  I ran across this web site a few weeks ago but they didn’t have the ability to convert from (.wmv) which is the Windows Media Video format to another format and back and so I emailed them and asked if they could add that format and they did.  I tried it with a recent project I created in PhotoStory 3.  I converted it into a QuickTime movie format (.mov) and it works.  It didn’t take them too long to convert the file either.  You can go to their web site and it is a four step process to have a file upload for conversion and then they’ll email you a link to download the file.  They store the file for 24 hours from the point that the email is sent to you.  Click the link to Zamzar for more information.  Click the following link for the Zamzar FAQ page.  Click the conversions type link to see all of the format options available and there are plenty including making PDFs.  I definitely recommend them!smile_regular

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