Stumble Around The Web

I recently stumbled upon two great web sites.  The first is StumbleUpon where you can register for free and download a toolbar for Firefox and Internet Explorer.  The great thing is you can click the Stumble button and it will randomly take you to a web site.  This is a good way to find new places on the web.  When you signup and at any time thereafter, you can choose as many categories that you want the program to have you stumble upon.  When a web site comes up, you can rate it either with a thumbs up or a thumbs down.  You can add sites that you go to and they may or may not have been added.  If they have not been added, you can give a discription and choose tags for the web site.  Click the link for more details on StumbleUpon.   This is their moto: Channel surf the internet for great websites, videos, pictures, games and more!

The second great web site that I stubled upon is StumbleVideo by the same company where you can stumble upon different kinds of videos from YouTube, Google Video, and MySpace.  You can rate the videos with a thumbs up or a thumbs down as well.  Click the link for more details on StumbleVideo.  Unlike StumbleUpon, you do not need to download a toolbar and you don’t need to register to enjoy it!

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