Microsoft Office System 2007 Trial

You can now go to Microsoft’s web site and download a 60-day trial version of any of the new Microsoft 2007 Office System.  For the 60-days they are fully functional and the final versions.  At the end of the trial period you will have two options, the first is to purchase the pull product license and the second is to uninstall it.  If you do download and install the trial version, you do need to activate it.  Click on the Microsoft Office 2007 FAQ link for more details.  Click on the 2007 Microsoft Office System link for more details on the software.  Why wait until January 30, 2007 to use the new Office Suite?  You can start now with the trial and convert it to the full product at the end.

With the 2007 Microsoft Office system, you can save valuable time, organize your workload, manage your information, stay connected, and collaborate better with colleagues, family, and friends.

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One Comment on “Microsoft Office System 2007 Trial”

  1. GoogGigq Says:

    need to test MS office 2007

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