Emergence Of Web Operating Systems

It seems as the Internet grows and more people access the Internet using broadband access, along with a movement to access your files anywhere and everywhere, there is a new crop of programs being created called Web OSes.  What are these Web OSes?  They are basically a total desktop solution accessible via a web browser.  They have the look and feel as a complete computer system.  There are three examples, which I have been checking out recently.  You can sign up for all three for free and check them out.  The first is called EyeOS.  

eyeOS is an Open Source Web Desktop Environment. The basic System comes with some office and PIM applications, and the complete eyeOS software database can be found at eyeApps.org.

  The second one is called, ORCA desktop

ORCA is an online system designed to resemble any standard PC desktop while making it accessible from anywhere in the world. It is designed to reduce costs, improve productivity, and enable users to work mobility-centric.

The third Web OS, that I have been looking at is Goowy.  I reported on Goowy in an earlier posting of this blog. 

Goowy is a service that offers you simple, intuitive tools for communicating and sharing on the web.

There are more Web OSes out there, but I wanted to list three options to check out.  These may offer you a nice solution when you are traveling on the road or for use at home or at work.smile_regular

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