Portable Apps

Have you ever needed to access the web or work on a document but have to borrow another computer or work on a project on multiple computers?  Now, you can do so with ease using Portable Apps.  You can download either individual programs or a program suite and load them onto a USB Flash drive, iPod, or portable hard drive and access these programs on any Windows computer.  You can even take all of your bookmarks and email settings with you all without leaving your personal data behind.  These applications are convenient, open, and free.  Portable Apps saved me with a project once.  I created a presentation in Photo Story 3 and needed to show it on another computer that had an outdated Windows Media Player, so I saved the file along with the Portable VLC Player and was able to show the presentation on this other machine.

There are two versions of the Portable Apps Suite available and you can add additional programs to these suites when necessary.  The suites come with a Portable Apps Menu to make it easy to access the programs.  Check out the Portable Apps web site for more details.

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