Having Fun With Mapping Software

Microsoft recently released Virtual Earth 3D which I commented on earlier that allows 3D viewing of cities and you can “fly” through three-dimensional models of cities from directly within their Web browser.  Google on the otherhand has jumped past the 3rd Dimension, 3D and jumped into the 4th Dimension with offering historica maps on Google Earth.  Now you can travel back in time — Don’t expect detailed high resolution photography from days gone by, but it’s still interesting to see old maps overlaid on the satellite imagery of today.  To use this new feature, expand the Featured Content -> Rumsey Historical Maps in the Layers panel.

Currently, maps are available for:

  1. World Globe 1790
  2. North America 1733
  3. United States 1833
  4. Lewis and Clark 1814
  5. New York 1836
  6. San Francisco 1853
  7. South America 1787
  8. Buenos Aires 1892
  9. Asia 1710
  10. Tokyo 1680
  11. Middle East 1861
  12. England, Wales 1790
  13. London 1843
  14. Paris 1716
  15. Africa 1787
  16. Australia Southeast 1844
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