Microsoft Reversing Position On Vista Transfer Limits

Microsoft has reserved their position on limiting the Vista transfer licensing.  On October 16th, Microsoft released plans to allow on the transfer on Vista one time for those who bought the boxed editions of Vista.  However, due to public outcry from techies and hardware enthusiasts, Microsoft is returning to a licensing plan similar to the one they use for Windows XP which states that: users can transfer their license to a new PC an unlimited number of times, provided they uninstall and stop using it on the prior machine.

“We’re trying to be really clear about our intention to prevent piracy,” said Microsoft product manager Mike Burke. “At the same time, after listening to the feedback that came in, (we) felt that we needed to make this change.”

For more information on this, I am providing a link to an article which appears on the C|Net web site.  Microsoft Licensing Position.

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