Firefox 2 Is Available

Firefox 2 is now available.  The Mozilla Foundation will officially release Firefox 2 tomorrow, but it is available now for downloading.  Firefox has increased in marketshare over the last year or so and now comprises of 13.7%.  If you are interested in downloading the latest version of Firefox for Windows, click here.  Firefox for Linux, click here.  Firefox 2 for Mac, click here.  I have been testing the Firefox 2 pre-release builds and there are some nice new features and I do recommend downloading Firefox 2 and testing it for yourself.  Overall I’ve also had Firefox installed on computers since it was released originally and do like the browser.

Here are a few of the new features in Firefox 2:

  1. A new theme that updates Firefox’s familiar interface 
  2. Built in Phishing Protection
  3. Enhanced search engine management and search suggestions for Google, Yahoo! and
  4. Improvements to tabbed browsing, including the ability to re-open recently closed tabs
  5. Firefox will resume from where you left off after a system crash or browser restart
  6. Better support for previewing and subscribing to Web feeds
  7. Inline spell checking in Web forms
  8. The ability to create bookmarks with “Live Titles” for Web sites that offer microsummaries
  9. New Add-ons manager that simplifies management of extensions and themes.
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One Comment on “Firefox 2 Is Available”

  1. […] While its not official till tomorrow Firefox 2.0 has been released (random blog|official site), while perhaps not the spectacular upgrade everyone was hoping for its easily a match for IE7 more about that in another post, and is along with opera and safari back in the standards compliant camp after a brief walk in the park. Not many outstanding new features though microsummaries are almost certain to catch on. […]

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