Microsoft To Place Anti-Piracy Tech Into Vista

Microsoft announced this week that they are building anit-piracy features into Windows Vista.  Clean installed software must be registered it will work in reduced functionality mode and if not registered within 30 days it will not function at all.  While I understand Microsoft’s reasoning for this to cut down on piracy, and piracy is illegal, another way to help cut down on piracy would be for Microsoft to lower the cost of Windows Vista.  I know there are a lot of costs associated with creating an Operating System such as Vista, but with Microsoft holding over 90% of the market share, they could lower the price on all of their versions and still make a hefty profit as most of the Windows users will eventually upgrade to Vista.  For more details on Microsoft’s new Anti-Piracy Tech. click here.  For a condensed review of the Anti-Piracy Tech, click here.

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