Microsoft Unveils Zune

Microsoft has unveiled its new music player, Zune.  Microsoft hopes to have the product available for the holidays.  The device will come in three colors, black, white, and brown.  It boasts a 30 gig hard drive, built-in wif-fi, as well as a 3 inch screen which can be viewed either normally or on its side.  Microsoft has not revealed a price for the device as of yet.  Zune users will be able to send full-length tracks of select songs, homemade recordings or photos to other Zune players via the device’s Wi-Fi. The shared songs can be heard up to three times over three days.  Zune will work in conjunction with a music service that will allow you to make single purchases or with a subscription service for a flat fee.  Although Microsoft is designing the Zune device, it will be manufactured by Toshiba.  To see some photos of the new player from C|Net,click here.  To see Microsoft’s press release, click here.

“We want to build community around new bands, new artists.  Today, you really can’t do that. What we’re offering is connection.”  — Scott Erickson, senior director of Zune product management

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