Microsoft Office 2007 B2TR

This morning, Microsoft released the Technical Refresh to Office 2007 with many changes including the ability to minimize the ribbon.  I like many of the changes with this release dubbed B2TR.  This version is compatible with Windows Vista RC1.  I have installed it both in a Windows XP and Vista RC1 environment and it works well with both.  To download a copy of the B2TR, you need to be a Beta 2 tester.  Click here if you are a current beta 2 tester.  If you are not a current Beta 2 tester of Office 2007, you can signup at Microsoft’s web site.  To solve an issues with Adobe, Microsoft has stripped out the ability to save as PDF or Microsoft’s own XPS, but you can download an add-in from their site.  Click here to download the PDF/XPS add-in.  If you are not a current tester and would like to download Office 2007, click here. It will cost you a $1.50 to download it.   Here are some of the new features of this Technical Refresh:

  • Improved support for the minimized Ribbon
  • Visual redesign of the “Northwest” corner of the programs
  • Double-click the Office Button to close the window
  • Silver color scheme
  • Redesign of the PowerPoint Home tab
  • Improvements to default styles for all objects (pictures, tables, charts, SmartArt, headers, footers, etc.)
  • Quick Customize Menu
  • New product icons
  • Usability improvements to the Office menu
  • Send button in the form in Outlook
  • Over 1000 changes (most minor) to the content of the Ribbon
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