5 Gigs Of Free, Secure Online Storage from XDrive

 Xdrive (an AOL company) has begun today to offer 5 gigs of online storage free.

With your 5GB of secure online storage there’s plenty of room to keep backup copies of digital photos, all your important documents, e-mail attachments, and other files — and still have space leftover for your music collection. It’s the best way to keep computer crashes from becoming disasters. Think of it as hard drive insurance.

You do have to have a free AOL screenname, to setup your account, but you can freely set one up through AOL.  Xdrive works for users of Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Unix and other Operating Systems.  Xdrive is a Verisign secure site.  For more details, click here.  To Signup, click here.  Update:  I had trouble signing up using IE7 this morning.  I downloaded the desktop software and I like it.  It is easy to just save to the drive as if it is a regular drive on your computer.

Their desktop software has a lot of great features:

  1. Easy to use Backup Smart Pick Options
  2. Schedule multiple automated backups
  3. Access Xdrive through Windows Explorer
  4. Manage and share folders and files
  5. Drag and drop folders and files
  6. Open and save files directly from applications
  7. In-product help and user-friendly wizards
  8. Skip the Download plugin included
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