LCD Versus Plasma TV Debate

With the Feb. 17, 2009 deadline closing in and technology continuing to move forward, which Flat Panel TV is better?  I ran across several articles on the web in the LCD versus Plasma debate.  The first is from Wired News and you can read the article here.  The second is a tutorial on LCDs Versus Plasma from the Flat TV People, click here.  The third article is from The Sydney Morning Hearld, click here to read this review.  What is LCD TV?  Liquid crystal display television (LCD TV) is a television using LCD technology for its visual output. This technology is generally TFT. It is contrasted to alternate visual output technologies, such as cathode ray (CRT) or plasma display (PDP TV).  For more info click hereWhat is Plasma TV?  A plasma display panel (PDP) is an emissive flat panel display where light is created by phosphors excited by a plasma discharge between two flat panels of glass. The gas discharge contains no mercury (contrary to the backlights of an AMLCD). An inert mixture of noble gases (neon and xenon) is used instead.  For more info, click here.

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