Microsoft releases Vista public beta

Microsoft has finally released Windows Vista Beta 2 to the public to try it out.  Beta 2 of Vista can either be downloaded or you can order a DVD to be delivered to your home.  If you buy the DVD, then they will also ship the RC1 when it is available.  RC stands for release copy and is generally the next stage in releases for software before the final version is available.  A beta version of an Operating System should not be installed on a computer that you will use regularly unless you set it up on a different partition of your computer.  If you are unsure on how to do that, I recommend not installing the beta version.  To get more information for downloading or ordering the DVD of Vista Beta 2 click here.  If you download Vista you must have a DVD burner in order to burn a copy of the file to a DVD.  For details on this, read the information at the bottom of the page of the Vista Customer Preview Program page.  As of early this morning, Microsoft's web site for downloading is extremely busy.  As soon, as I have a chance to install it and test it, I will post details to this blog.

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