Google Spreadsheets

Google is at it again.  They are just about to release at least in test form a new web browser based spreadsheet program called Google Spreadsheets.  What is this new program?  It allows you to create spreadsheets online.  According to a blog from PCWorld, "Google Spreadsheets will have a bunch of features you'd expect (browser-based operation, Excel compatability, online storage and sharing), and at least one you probably wouldn't (some sort of built-in instant messaging)."  Is this part of something bigger that Google has in mind?  Rumors have been circulating that Google is planning their own office suite and they recently bought Writely which is an online word processing program and now with Google Spreadsheets, it looks like this rumor may be true.  I'll post more details as soon as I hear more.  For a tour of the upcoming Google Spreadsheet, click here.

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