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PCLinuxOS Rocks!

April 26, 2006

What is Linux? Linux is an open source operating system that has been around for a few years and there are many flavors of Linux. For more details on Linux, click here. What I'm really here to tell you today is about one particular version of Linux called PCLinuxOS. This is by far the best Linux OS that I have ever spent any time with. It is designed for the non-geek user and what is termed as a newbie Linux user. This OS comes fully loaded with an Office Suite and more. You can play DVDs, CDs, view QuickTime movies, Windows Media music and movies, and even Real Media. You can burn CDs and DVDs and more. For more information, click here. This Linux OS can be downloaded for free and burned on a CD and then you can boot your computer using the CD and check out the many features of this OS without even installing it on your computer. This is a great way to check out this OS before deciding to migrate from Windows to Linux. Their web site has lots support information to assist you. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give PCLinuxOS a 10.


IE7 Beta 2 Mass Release

April 25, 2006

Today, Microsoft has made available IE7 beta 2 for mass public release with free support. There are many great features with this new release such as tabbed browsing, Anti-phishing technology, new search capabilities, greater sercurity and more. For details, click here for a tour of the new IE7. In my opinion, with the release of IE7, I must state that this is my favorite browser, sorry Firefox users, but Microsoft has made a better browser. I must add that I am a fan of open source software, but Microsoft did make a better product. Download IE7 beta 2 for yourself to see what you think, click here.


April 20, 2006

Do you have your own web site? Do you have a digital camera? Are you wanting an easy way to publish your photo gallery on your web site? If you answered "yes" to these questions, then I suggest you check out JAlbum which is a cool, open source free web photo album software program. According to their website, "this gallery software makes web albums of your digital images. JAlbum aims to be the easiest to use and most powerful tool in this category – and free!" I have used it and I love it! To see it in action, see my personal website at and click on graphics or click here. Then click on one of the Digital Art Galleries listed. To find out more information about JAlbum, click here. JAlbum runs on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and others and speaks 28 languages.


April 20, 2006

It is a week later and Ajax13 which is the organization behind AjaxLaunch which created AjaxWrite and AjaxXLS has done it again, they have created a new AJAX program called AjaxTunes. What is AjaxTunes? According to the weekly e-newsletter from AjaxLaunch, AjaxTunes is a fully interactive web-based media player that lets you play, pause, forward and rewind high-quality streaming music encoded at 192kbps over the Internet from any computer. For more details on this new program click here. For more information on the other ajax products created by Ajax13 see my earlier postings on their products. One of the key men behind Ajax13 is Michael Robertson.

What is AJAX?

April 13, 2006

(Asynchronous JAvaScript and XML) Using an enhancement in JavaScript that allows Web pages to be more interactive and behave like local applications, which are also known as "rich client" applications. AJAX allows the Web page to retrieve small amounts of data from the server without reloading the entire page. (Taken from Globe and Mail's Tech Encyclopedia)

New Web Based Spreadsheet Program

April 13, 2006

The same company that launched AjaxWrite a few weeks back and partnered with Eyespot which is a web based video editor has now launched a web based spreadsheet program called AjaxXLS. (See my info on AjaxWrite and Eyespot on this blog) While I like the word processor and it opens Microsoft Word documents and OpenOffice documents, I tested the new spreadsheet program and it has a hard time with Excel spreadsheets. It is another nice web based program, but needs work. Although I am announcing it here, I don't recommend it. If you do want to check it out, click here for more information and see for yourself. The man behind these new programs is Linspire owner Michael Robertson.

Google Calendar

April 13, 2006

Google CalendarGoogle has released a new tool in its growing list of tools for users called Google Calendar. It is a free, web-based easy to use calendar service which allows users to schedule events and share them with others. It includes drag and drop event calendaring between calendars. You can schedule events allowing you to make them private or available for viewing by friends or even the whole web. Google is also understood to be working on interoperability with Microsoft Outlook and a number of mobile device calendars such as the Palm Treo smartphone. For more details on this new Google service, click here.